Our Story

Guinea Grove Farm began with our shared vision, to create a sustainable farm working with certified organic and biodynamic farming methods.

In 1998, we found our blank canvas, 80Ha of marginal cattle pasture in the gentle rolling hills of the Cheriton Valley, in the Gingin agricultural region of Western Australia. This was to become home to our planned olive grove. 

We embarked on planting hundreds of native trees and shrubs to help revegetate and improve the farm ecosystem and provide future wind breaks for the olive grove.  In July 2000, with help from family and friends, we planted the initial grove of 2,500 trees.  The main varieties planted were of Italian origin, Frantoio, Leccino, Correggiola and Pendolino.  Greek varieties, Kalamata and Koroneiki were planted in the front row of the grove and these olives go to make our aptly named Front Row Blend!

In 2013 we planted another smaller grove with the Spanish variety Picual and more recently added to this with the Spanish Manzanillo variety to celebrate the groves 20th year.  We now have around 3,000 olive trees in total.

Our first harvest was in 2006 and in 2010 we installed a processing shed housing a 500kg/hr olive mill, oil storage, bottling and labelling facilities.  This enables us to manage the entire olive oil making process from tree to bottle on the farm.

Today as we walk through the grove we are constantly inspired by the beauty and resilience of nature; this simply reinforces our passion and commitment to organic and biodynamic farming methods.

Rae & Angus